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The Blockade Runners - Jules Verne

Exciting adventure, and sweet romance. One of Verne's better novellas.
Definately worth a read!

Life Lessons from Catsass - Claude Combacau

First of all, I love the cat's name. It matches his personality perfectly.

Usually, this kind of book just makes me chuckle, but this one made me laugh out loud numerous times.

I loved how it poked fun at all the popular fads of the moment (like adult coulouring and activity books), but it does it in such a comical way that it entices you to, after you stop laughing, get your pencils out and try to solve that damned maze. (well, it enticed me, and I'm not so easily swayed when it comes to these fads...)


The humour was witty and just the right amount of snarky.

Only remark; I don't think the 'April fools' joke on p 102-103 translated to English, as there is no real equivalent for 'poisson d'avril'. But I thought it was really funny anyways, transported me right back to my childhood.


I received an ARC for this book through Netgalley, this has had no influence on my opinion.